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At last! Renegades is coming to Canterbury!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Fantastic news!

Renegades will be premiering at The Mooring on March 26th!

I'm so excited that this show is finally becoming a reality.

It's been such a long road - and we've still got so much work to do - but I'm so excited to be bringing back the memory of these amazing women.

Here's the eventbrite link:

About Renegades:

If you did something extraordinary, would you be remembered?

If you stood up to injustice - and won. Defeated undefeatable empires. Broke every rule of gender, race, and class. Established your own culture or shadow government. Became famous beyond your wildest dreams. Would history remember you?

For many extraordinary women, the answer is no.

Over and over, remarkable women have been erased from history: warrior nuns, epic queens, pirates, rebels, outlaws and more.

They exist in the historical record - but we don’t learn about them in school.

Presenting Renegades: famous women you’ve never heard of. A solo show by award winning poet and theatre maker Nina Telegina, which brings you a history more exciting than fiction.

Featuring: - A sword fighting lesbian who burned down a convent - A female pirate who established an alternate government - A rebel queen who defeated the British Empire - An epic heroine who defied time And more.

In their day, they were famous. Now they are forgotten. It’s time to bring their memory back. Premiering at The Mooring, Canterbury - March 26, 2022

This show is proud to be part of POW Fringe Festival.

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