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Emotional Wellbeing for Creative Artists

Our culture is loaded with myths around creativity and the arts. Without realising it, we often encounter these when we are still children. For instance, you’ve probably heard somewhere: 

  • that inspiration is a mystical force which cannot be properly understood; 

  • that artists have to be tortured or starving to make good work; 

  • that a ‘true’ artist has a disdain for the general public who, after all, would never understand them anyway. 

Not only are these untrue, they can be deeply destructive for us and our work.

Good training programmes teach us to act, to sing, to write, and to make art in various ways; and to appreciate the work of others. But there are few or even no resources that help us take care of ourselves emotionally while we do that work. 

We need to have the opportunity to understand our own emotional relationship to creativity, to give us a healthy picture of how our own inspiration functions, how our creative energy ebbs and flows, or what triggers our creative anxiety.

Emotional Wellbeing for Creative Artists addresses that gap. 

This workshop series is for all types of creative people: painters, writers, filmmakers, stand-up comedians and more. You do not have to be a ‘professional’, nor to fit into anyone’s box as to what makes a creative person.

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